Virtual AGM

Virtual Annual General Meetings a meeting conducted between the shareholders and the organization’s members to communicate on various issues. With the evolution of technologies and the current situation, companies are adopting virtual methods to conduct meetings. They employ high-end webcasting software and hardware capable of conducting Virtual AGM reliably and securely. They operate at production quality and grander scale compared to the video conferencing platforms and systems.

Safety And Security

The platform providers ensure that the webcast of AGM is secure for the attendees. They ensure:

  • Restricted Entry

They provide restricted entry to the pre-registered shareholders who have an interest in attending the AGM. The shareholders have unique login credentials that prevent duplication of entry permissions.

  • Ease of joining

Shareholders can attend the event from anywhere using a device with an internet connection.

  • Uninterrupted interaction

The participants of the meeting can submit their questions through text.  It helps to minimize the disruptions in the AGM.


The technology enables the attendees to feel as they are present in a physical meeting. They support the meetings as long as the presenters and shareholders satisfy with the outcome. It enables the quick transfer of live information like polling answers or questions from the attendees.