A mobile intranet is considered a potent tool that is capable of streamlining every effort in an organization. When an entire workplace happens to be in the employees’ palms, then the benefits are close to limitless. No matter you have got to settle a crisis mgmt. or team out-in-the-field situation your mobile intranet application would support your requirements. Additionally, it will sustain improved employee communication regardless of where they are situated.

Benefits of mobile intranet for companies

There are several ways in which a company does benefit from mobile intranet and they are:

  • Flawless collaboration between deskless and office-based workers – In this modern environment of work, numerous projects get finished in teams and so, it is pretty common for teams to be comprising members who are located at various locations and it includes even the deskless workers. There might be people too who work from their homes or also from the field. When there is a mobile intranet, these people can get connected and also work together with their colleagues no matter where their physical location is.
  • Low costs of travel – A field worker is capable of using the intranet mobile application for accessing the needed documents. Additionally, he can also attend various meetings remotely. For this, he does not require going to an office. He does not even need to expense for attending meetings in person unless his attendance is very important.
  • Productivity receives a boost – Numerous workers do no sit in front of their PCs during the day and for these workers, being capable of accessing a mobile intranet application on a smartphone or a tablet becomes crucial for accomplishing their jobs.
  • More effective customer service – All the customer service representatives should be capable of accessing the intranet and they can utilize it for looking for information that is needed for tracking orders and answering customer quizzes. The representative will always have his smartphone closer to him and this will make the process easier for him to access the intranet of the company fast when he needs to.
  • An employee can bring his mobile device – You can provide your employees the choice to utilize their mobile devices while having access to the company intranet. A worker can prefer to select an Android or iOS device according to his comfortability. It will save the cost of proposing novice mobile devices for all the persons present in a team.
  • Augmented corporate culture – A company intranet is also hugely useful for various social purposes. Numerous people are already acquainted with the process of utilizing their mobile devices for staying in touch with different news outlets as well as social media websites. If they discover something that they feel to be shareable then they click on it. This makes other people conscious that the content would provoke a reaction. Additionally, employees are also liberal to share optimistic human interest stories and industry news for building a feeling of friendship amongst team members only through an intranet mobile application.