What is a Free Word Counter? A Free Word Counter is a computer application that helps you increase your word count. It helps you better manage your writing style and choose more words. By using a free word counter, you can spot plagiarism problems and detect other grammar and spelling errors.

If you need to test out your writing skills then try this free word count tool. It helps you increase your word count without even writing any articles. You simply enter a text and the software will automatically count up all the words that appear on that text. The tool also helps you to save the number of words that you end up using unnecessarily.

As a word writer, it is often very difficult to gauge just how many words you should use when writing an article. This is especially so if you are writing an article to be used as a reference source for another person or source. Using a free word count tool will help you gauge just how much you are writing unnecessarily. Using a word counter is also good for spotting any spelling or grammar problems that your writing may have.

As a word writer, it is important to check your word count at regular intervals. Regularly check your word count to see how many articles you can produce in a given period. Use the free word counters to check your word count. You can also use the counters to check on your character count for novels, short stories, poems and articles. The free word count tool comes with several different options to choose from including the character count, page size and font styles.

There is no reason for a writer not to use the free word counter tool when working on a new manuscript. When you are checking your word count, you can easily change the number of characters and words to be checked without having to restart the entire document or write the number of characters anew. The free word counter tool comes with several different styles of counters. You can choose from the style that displays the number of characters in a line, a number of words in a line and the character count in a line. If the length of the line is greater than the characters displayed, the counters will show a plus sign instead of a minus sign.

The font family options of the free word counter are also quite varied. There are several different fonts to choose from that display a different type of lettering. If you are unsure of what font family is best for your project, you can easily change this option so that it best matches your needs. Some fonts may be easier to read than others. For example, a serif font will be easier to read than a sans-serif font. There are several different sizes of counters available and you can select one that best fits the needs of your finished manuscript.