A web application is an application that is stored on a foreign server and delivered via the web through a web-browser interface. In comparison to a conventional desktop application, a web application is easy to use and maintain. These web applications operate through internet browsers and therefore face no compatibility issues as all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac support modern internet browsers.

Along with the above, there are various other benefits associated with web applications. Therefore, one must have web applications for a boost in audience. However, a web application alone cannot boost your audience. A good interface and design is also a must to ensure the success of your enterprise.

A good design not only enhances the user experience on the web application but can also help you convert a visitor on your website to an active user. To develop an immaculately designed web application in Singapore, no one better than MediaOne.

MediaOne has over the years proved to be the best in the web sector receiving numerous “Best Web Designer Awards” along the way from various renowned and accredited ranking agencies. All MediaOne designs are designed from scratch, hence ensuring that each web application has a unique and distinctive design and identity.